Arsenal F.C. Back In The News.

If like me, you have missed news about the Arsenal F.C. for sometime now, today is your lucky day. The team has not only been playing much better football for the past few days, the manager has also woken up to his responsibilities in a very serious manner. Oh no, I am not talking about the fact that he finally started spending money on experienced new players for the team. It is something else but related. After the “forced” sale of Van Persie to Manchester United and seeing his beloved former team captain banging in goals for a rival team in the English Premiership, the manager is justifiably angry and has vowed to seriously harm anyone that approaches any of his present crop of players by way of trying to lure the,away from the team. Don’t believe me on this. See for yourself what has become of Arsene Wenger after the sale of Van Persie. This is how he goes around the Arsenal F.C. playgrounds these days.


The man is a REAL GUNNER!



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