Trust In Its Naked Form.

Are you someone whom others can rely on? Are you trust-worthy enough for people and even animals to rely on without having to worry about their safety? If you are such a person, you are MEGA BLESSED! If you are not such a person, it is still not too late to work on yourself. Start NOW!

trust in its naked form.

My Luba 2012


Technology Issues.

How many of you remember those good old days when the internet was not available for us to use as a means of communication? Do you remember what was referred to as “TELETEXT” ? These days we send an e-mail and pronto it is not only immediately delivered but can be quickly replied. The illustration below shows you how such a process used to be carried out in the teletext days.

teletext age.

facebook page image

Traffic Collage.

When the drivers on our roads go crazy, what do you expect as a result?

When drivers get angry, a traffic collage is the result.

A Pure Traffic Collage!

surprised face

Kiss and Kissing Issues.

You may have thought that kissing is something meant for human beings alone. Oh yeah, and some intelligent animals too. But today, I will show you that it goes beyond that. Non-Living things do kiss now and then too even when they do so unplanned. In this post, I have the honor of presenting you with one of such occasions.

aero kissing.

This is what I prefer to call


Я и галя

Wonder Kid.

These days, I see what kids can do at a tender age and wonder what is happening to humanity? How come we could not do such things when we were young? Could it be that since we are in a Computer Age, the kids are actually computer generated even though we still do our biological contributions to this worthy cause?

wonder kid. computer generated kid.

surprised face

Photo Comedy.

Have you not always wondered how people suddenly develop psychiatric challenges? Even more serious is the question how the whole thing starts in the first place? What are its developmental stages? The photo below might just provide you with some answers.

psychiatric case evolving.

This could be stage one in the developmental circle.michael jackson imitation.

Dis-advantages of Cheating.

Cheating in relationships seem to be turning into a normal thing these days amongst not just our youth but also the so-called elders. It is a phenomenon that will need some spiritual intervention to correct. Today however, I wish to concentrate on the dis-advantages of cheating. Please take a look at the photo below.


Isn’t this car looking much more beautiful than when it was first designed? One of the resultant side effects of cheating as you can see and read.

Tonto Dike