Trust In Its Naked Form.

Are you someone whom others can rely on? Are you trust-worthy enough for people and even animals to rely on without having to worry about their safety? If you are such a person, you are MEGA BLESSED! If you are not such a person, it is still not too late to work on yourself. Start NOW!

trust in its naked form.

My Luba 2012


Technology Issues.

How many of you remember those good old days when the internet was not available for us to use as a means of communication? Do you remember what was referred to as “TELETEXT” ? These days we send an e-mail and pronto it is not only immediately delivered but can be quickly replied. The illustration below shows you how such a process used to be carried out in the teletext days.

teletext age.

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Another Dance Video.

By now, the avid followers of this blog must be used to the Gangnam Style Dance Videos. Dance your way to happiness and good life. Nothing can replace fun in your life. Have fun while you still can. Click on the video below.

gangnam 3

happy kids from africa.

Another Dance Video For You.

I honestly hope you enjoyed the Dance Video presented to you on this blog at about this time yesterday. If you missed it, check for it on the blog or at our facebook page. The link is on this blog. Today, I bring to you another Dance Video that should help crack your ribs safely and improve your health condition at the same time. Have fun. Just click on the video image below.

gangnam 2

Click on the image above.

Happy Afro Kids.

Dance Your Way To Good Health.

This blog was created to make you laugh as much as possible daily since this is one of the natural ways to reduce stress and live a healthier life. However, this is not the only way to do so. You have other means of achieving this same purpose. Exercises for example are very good for your health. Not all of them are strenuous. Some are even very ENJOYABLE! Take Dancing for example. If you never knew how enjoyable this form of exercise is, simply click on the video image below and see for yourself. This is a perfect combination of exercise and fun at the same time. Have some fun today friends. Click the video below now.


Click the image above now.

happy kids from africa.

Getting To The End Point.

As sad as this may sound, some people do not seem to have other solutions to their problems. They just “peacefully” move to the end point. In as much as I do not subscribe to such solutions to one’s problems, I also do not support those who rush to blame such people. If you cannot help them solve their problems, please, please and please, DO NOT ADD TO THEIR PROBLEMS BY BLAMING THEM! Leave them alone and pray for them.

got to full stop.

It Didn’t Easy!


Car Security Issues.

It is not a secret that cars are no longer so safe from thieves these days. Despite the various technological advancements in the art of car security, the “other guys” keep getting antidotes to these security efforts. And so, it is time to get creative in the art of car security. One good friend of mine came up with a very creative idea. Want to know what he did? Check the photo below. With such an idea, you are not only safe-guarding your car but also yourself. Even at check points in Africa!

best car security.

As a professional car thief, would you want to try stealing this type of vehicle?