Another Dance Video.

By now, the avid followers of this blog must be used to the Gangnam Style Dance Videos. Dance your way to happiness and good life. Nothing can replace fun in your life. Have fun while you still can. Click on the video below.

gangnam 3

happy kids from africa.


Another Dance Video For You.

I honestly hope you enjoyed the Dance Video presented to you on this blog at about this time yesterday. If you missed it, check for it on the blog or at our facebook page. The link is on this blog. Today, I bring to you another Dance Video that should help crack your ribs safely and improve your health condition at the same time. Have fun. Just click on the video image below.

gangnam 2

Click on the image above.

Happy Afro Kids.

Dance Your Way To Good Health.

This blog was created to make you laugh as much as possible daily since this is one of the natural ways to reduce stress and live a healthier life. However, this is not the only way to do so. You have other means of achieving this same purpose. Exercises for example are very good for your health. Not all of them are strenuous. Some are even very ENJOYABLE! Take Dancing for example. If you never knew how enjoyable this form of exercise is, simply click on the video image below and see for yourself. This is a perfect combination of exercise and fun at the same time. Have some fun today friends. Click the video below now.


Click the image above now.

happy kids from africa.

Kids And Their Antics.

Have ever wondered what your kids do whenever they are on their own and away from your watchful eyes? You will be surprised when you get know a few of the incredulous acts they manage to conjure. Let us take a look at one of them now.

bad kids

Now please say the truth and let the devil be put to shame. Have you ever expected your kids to do such things? And in the public?

surprised face

Dreams and People.


I suppose this could have also been labelled as “Different Strokes For Different People”, right?

Or is it Democracy of the brain?

Tonto Dike

Video Comedy.

Today, I present to you a video cumedy from a top African Comedian. He is known as Clint the Drunk.

All you need is click on the video to watch and laugh your way to pure happiness. Have a pair of airbags around your ribs though.


Я и галя

Video Comedy.

This is a video comedy from two of Africa’s best comedians. I hope you enjoy it.

Just click on the image to watch the video. Have fun.

basket mouth

nkiru sylvanus