Dress Code Issues.

I still do not understand why some women prefer to dress in rags even when the occasion clearly does not call for such things. The risks involved are simply more than what they are expecting.

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Tonto Dike


The Evil Men and Women Do To Themselves!

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Child Abuse.

This topic has been discussed in various quarters and in different forms. However, I am of the opinion that there are forms of it that we are still over-looking even though I know it is not intentionally being done.

Child Abuse or Overdose of Love.

What do we call this? Overdose of Love for one’s child or Child Abuse?

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Professional Cheating.

People cheat in various ways. During examinations inmost cases. Then in marriages and relationships. The art is however getting professionalized by the day. I will not be surprised if a university introduces this as a subject one of these days.



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Oh come off it friends. You mean you needed a commentary for piece? Put on your glasses. The doctor did not recommend them for keeping on the reading table. Use them!

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Aircraft Surfing.

Oh yeah. Air-crafts do surf! Never seen one? Today is your lucky day!aircraft surfing


Boobs Burger.

If you have never come across the terminology “Boobs Burger”, then you need to get a new dictionary and secondly, change your choice of eatery. You may have gotten too used to going to only those well-known eateries where you get just Ham Burgers.

boobs burger

Mega Melons!

Tonto Dike

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