Technology Issues.

How many of you remember those good old days when the internet was not available for us to use as a means of communication? Do you remember what was referred to as “TELETEXT” ? These days we send an e-mail and pronto it is not only immediately delivered but can be quickly replied. The illustration below shows you how such a process used to be carried out in the teletext days.

teletext age.

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The Evil Men and Women Do To Themselves!

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surprised face

Getting To The End Point.

As sad as this may sound, some people do not seem to have other solutions to their problems. They just “peacefully” move to the end point. In as much as I do not subscribe to such solutions to one’s problems, I also do not support those who rush to blame such people. If you cannot help them solve their problems, please, please and please, DO NOT ADD TO THEIR PROBLEMS BY BLAMING THEM! Leave them alone and pray for them.

got to full stop.

It Didn’t Easy!


Creativity On The Front Burner.

I feel sorry for people who are not creative. This is a deficiency that can rob you of so much in life. I use this opportunity to thank the Almighty God and everyone else who contributed to developing my creative senses.

coal miners at work.

Creativity Knows No Boundaries.

My Luba 2012

This here is my number one babe. My beautiful daughter, Luba.

Lionel Messi. Secret Leaked.

Have also wondered why Lionel Messi scores those wonderful goals so seemingly easy? Why he dribbles like a wizard? His secrets have been leaked at long last. Oh  no not doping, you negative heads. It is something else altogether. New in fact. See the photo below and judge for yourself.

messi's secret is out at last. no wonder he scores magically calculated goals.

I hereby humbly submit that FC Barcelona, the Argentinian National Team and the Messi himself be charged to court for what can be described as “unscrupulous lego-brainological manipulation”. I rest my case here for now.

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Different Strokes For Different folks.


Self-Explanatory, isn’t it?

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Adult Matters.

we can imagine the first

When I first came across this piece of cartoon, I really did not know what to make of it until my Medulla Oblongata came back from tea break. It was only then that I started understanding what the topic was all about. What about you? Can you guess what the first favorite F word  for our cartoon friend is?

Tonto Dike