Dress Code Issues.

I still do not understand why some women prefer to dress in rags even when the occasion clearly does not call for such things. The risks involved are simply more than what they are expecting.

bikini rags

Tonto Dike


Boobs Burger.

If you have never come across the terminology “Boobs Burger”, then you need to get a new dictionary and secondly, change your choice of eatery. You may have gotten too used to going to only those well-known eateries where you get just Ham Burgers.

boobs burger

Mega Melons!

Tonto Dike

Cute Babe! Proudly Nigerian!

ASSenal F.C. Issues.

Oh yes, friends. New entries are still being received in the on-going logo competition for the new team been formed by the break-away fans of Arsenal F.C. of London. I believe you must have seen some of the note-worthy entries earlier received as they were presented for your judgement on this blog. We wish to present to you today the very latest entry which came in just a few nano seconds ago.

assenal again o.

Ehh, It didn’t easy at all at all!


Kids And Their Antics.

Have ever wondered what your kids do whenever they are on their own and away from your watchful eyes? You will be surprised when you get know a few of the incredulous acts they manage to conjure. Let us take a look at one of them now.

bad kids

Now please say the truth and let the devil be put to shame. Have you ever expected your kids to do such things? And in the public?

surprised face

Standing Up A Woman Can Be Dangerous.

Some of us guys do not even realize the dangers of standing up a lady on appointment. By that, I mean going late for such an appointment or worse still, failing to honor the appointment. The photo below shows you what can help you to worsen the situation unintentionally.

a tale of two ladies.

If you were to be the lonely lady in the photo above, how would you have felt? I pray she does not have a Kalashnikov close by.

african woman.

Football Erotica.

distracting assistant referee.

These days, I find it difficult to understand the Referee Associations in many countries of the world. I do not know their yardsticks for picking referees and their assistants but I do know that with an assistant referee like the one in the photo above, it would be an uphill task for even a Van Persie to know the location of an opponent’s goal post not to talk of scoring a goal. Haba, please have mercy on our male footballers! They are not all sterile! Some of them actually wear chin guards but with the way things are going now, they may be needing some other guards in order to be able to perform properly on the pitch.

Arsenal Again!

The break-away supporters of Arsenal F.C. just cannot decide once and for all which of the proposed logos to adopt as the authentic logo for their new club – ASSENAL F.C. Can anyone out there help them please? Presented below is the latest logo proposal that is being considered for adoption. You can see the others in our older posts at www. facebook.com/CumedyHut. Please help this new team out.


Like a friend of like saying, “It didn’t easy at all!”

Tonto Dike