Transportation Issues.

We sometimes hear about how some people get “lifts” in other people’s cars, on bikes and so on. This is also known as “hitch-hiking”. I don’t know about you but I never heard about humano-animal hitch-hiking. The photo below however suggests something not too far from this.


Funny Humorous Video Show.

I bring to your attention and for your afternoon enjoyment a video that will definitely crack a few ribs of yours. I beg you to sit comfortably before watching this video and do not leave anything breakable around you. If you can,please put bullet-proof vest around your rib cage. Now here we go. Just click on the photo below.

clint da drunk.


Miracle Child?

Friends, what would you have done if you found yourself in the position of this woman’s husband?

Could this child be the result of a miracle following “special prayer sessions” at the local parish with the priest? Or Was he conceived while the pair were sun-tanning in Mallorca or Tunis?

Be Happy, Don’t Worry.

Remember that ol’ beautiful song that says no matter what happens to you, be happy, don’t worry? Even if your landlord says the rent is up, be happy, don’t worry? Well here in the photo below, we bring you a practical illustration of how to express that song in real life situations.

I am sure this dude did not “park” his luxurious car in this gutter or drainage path due to a shortage of parking space in that area. I however salute his courage in taking things in his stride. Some people would have gone hullaballu if they had found themselves in this same situation.

Women Wrestling.

I used to hear this saying that it is “unlady-like” to fight. Ladies were supposed to at most quarrel amongst themselves and even with the opposite sex. The situation nowadays however seem to be the exact opposite. When the women folk started their quest for equality with the Men Folk, little did they know that they were heading into a strange zone. What are the consequences of this “equality”? I bring you a photo of one of such.

Beware of the fist of  fury of the ladies, my male friends. We now hear of ladies beating up their boyfriends and worse still, husbands. Is this one of the dividends of equality or what do you call it?

Leading By Example.

Teach your children the right way when they are young and they will not depart from it in their old age. The best way to do that is ‘leading by example”. Kids like the one in the photo below will not need your prodding to wake up and pray when they turn sixteen.

Africa And Its Magicians.

Have you ever been led to think that Africa is only all about wars, hunger and negative stuff? Keep your tabs on this blog. You will get shown a real beautiful side of the continent bit by bit. Africa is fun when you are not prejudiced. Check the photo below for a start.

In Europe and America, you just have to go to a circus and pay some money to see this kind of stuff. In Africa however, this is for free. Like most of the best things in life generally. A child will look at this for some seconds, flash a beautiful smile and go home to practice it. As simple as God created the world. Let’s stop complicating this world of ours. That is not God’s wish for us. Have a wonderful day.