Siesta Issues.

I have said this on a number of occasions and I am saying it again. “Siesta is Siesta.” It is not “SeeMary.” Whether is done in  a yoga form or not.

siesta is siesta be it in yoga form or other forms.

Doesn’t she look cool in this position?



Strong Man.

Have you been searching for a strong and solid man? We found one for you right here.

You wanted a strong man. Here you are. Enjoy yourself.

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Powerful Prayers.

Are you in search of a powerful man or woman of God to pray for you? Then today is your lucky day. You have come to the right Ministry. The Prophetess in photo below is all you need.

power prayers

If you still have not yet discovered the secret, I tell you now. Children’s prayers get faster to God than that of the adults. Is someone learning something of value here?


Virgins For Sale?

virgins ad

The sins of our fore fathers or and fore mothers?


Transportation Per Excellence.

If you have a bike and you are not fully utilizing it, you are committing a sin called “Bikological Azubrism.” Tell anyone I said so.

Village Transportation System is da best.


Hunger And Its Effects.

When you hear the saying “A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man”, you may never understand it properly until you have been in that state. Maybe as a refugee fleeing your own country or in a war situation or simply in a real state of lack. I can imagine what woe will befall you if you dare disturb the man in the photo below. I am equally sorry for the food when it is done.

waiting for the alarm bell is not easy when you are really hungry

Waiting for the alarm bell is not easy when you are really hungry!

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