Kiss and Kissing Issues.

You may have thought that kissing is something meant for human beings alone. Oh yeah, and some intelligent animals too. But today, I will show you that it goes beyond that. Non-Living things do kiss now and then too even when they do so unplanned. In this post, I have the honor of presenting you with one of such occasions.

aero kissing.

This is what I prefer to call


Я и галя


Mario Balotelli and Roberto Manchini.

“Why always me?” This acronym is now well-known courtesy Mario Balotelli presently with Manchester City FC. This is one of the best footballers in the whole world right now but who has a bad temper because people have simply refused to understand him except for his team mates in the Italian National Team who I have noticed, keep him constantly in view 90 minutes long in a match. That is why he is more successful there than in ManCity.  Just a few hours back, this is what took place with him in action at a training session in ManCity.

Balotelli and Manchini in a Ballet Dance.

What is the problem here? Balotelli simply wanted to ” kiss” a team mate who had slightly annoyed him. Yet, here we have the coach Manchini denying him this privilege. What is wrong with Roberto Manchini? Hugging and Kissing among footballers has been a long time thing.                                                              Why deny Balotelli?          Why always Balotelli?

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