Another Dance Video.

By now, the avid followers of this blog must be used to the Gangnam Style Dance Videos. Dance your way to happiness and good life. Nothing can replace fun in your life. Have fun while you still can. Click on the video below.

gangnam 3

happy kids from africa.


FC Barcelona And Football.

Omo Sexy.  Tonto Dike

I am sorry if I confused you here. The title and the photos do not follow right? You are DEAD WRONG! The two ladies in this photo are Nigerian actresses. Nollywood stars. They are also two of the sexiest ladies in the whole world! One is married while I am dreaming of marrying the one on the right hand side of the photo. What links them to the title of this post? They are sexy looking! Barcelona plays the sexiest football on planet Earth! In fact, some accidents happen whenever F.C. Barcelona is playing football. Do you know why? Even the Angels take time off to watch F.C. Barcelona play football! Case closed.