Photo Comedy.

Have you not always wondered how people suddenly develop psychiatric challenges? Even more serious is the question how the whole thing starts in the first place? What are its developmental stages? The photo below might just provide you with some answers.

psychiatric case evolving.

This could be stage one in the developmental circle.michael jackson imitation.


Dis-advantages of Cheating.

Cheating in relationships seem to be turning into a normal thing these days amongst not just our youth but also the so-called elders. It is a phenomenon that will need some spiritual intervention to correct. Today however, I wish to concentrate on the dis-advantages of cheating. Please take a look at the photo below.


Isn’t this car looking much more beautiful than when it was first designed? One of the resultant side effects of cheating as you can see and read.

Tonto Dike


Dance Your Way To Good Health.

This blog was created to make you laugh as much as possible daily since this is one of the natural ways to reduce stress and live a healthier life. However, this is not the only way to do so. You have other means of achieving this same purpose. Exercises for example are very good for your health. Not all of them are strenuous. Some are even very ENJOYABLE! Take Dancing for example. If you never knew how enjoyable this form of exercise is, simply click on the video image below and see for yourself. This is a perfect combination of exercise and fun at the same time. Have some fun today friends. Click the video below now.


Click the image above now.

happy kids from africa.

Photo Quiz.

Can anyone in the house correctly guess the answer to this photo quiz? What do you think happened to the car in the photo below?


(a) Did the car hit a tree?  (b) Is the owner of this car looking for a fraudulent way to get his insurance claims?  (c) Could this be the result of the fury of a jealous husband or wife? (d) Could this be a proposed design for a “one-eyed car”?

Please send in your selected option. The star prize for the winning entry is a brand new urine powered wooden car.

Dress Code Issues.

I still do not understand why some women prefer to dress in rags even when the occasion clearly does not call for such things. The risks involved are simply more than what they are expecting.

bikini rags

Tonto Dike

The Evil Men and Women Do To Themselves!

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surprised face

Child Abuse.

This topic has been discussed in various quarters and in different forms. However, I am of the opinion that there are forms of it that we are still over-looking even though I know it is not intentionally being done.

Child Abuse or Overdose of Love.

What do we call this? Overdose of Love for one’s child or Child Abuse?

surprised face