Pushed To The Wall.

Friends, I want you to use the photo below to learn one or two lessons in life. I have been in situations where I criticized certain acts too quickly but reversed my stand later. These students are writing their examinations in the open and in the sun. Ordinarily, I would jump to their defense immediately. But now that I am more experienced in life, I don’t. I have realized that a drastic situation can only be handled by a drastic action. Those studying Physics will tell you that in their own terminologies.

fight against exams malpractice

This how we fight against Examinations Malpractice in our own side of the globe. The devil is a liar. We will not allow him or her to destroy our youth at will.

Tonto Dike

Meanwhile, if you are close to this lady and you are reading this, tell her I have our wedding ring already. The church is booked, the reception venue and everything else is ready. She is the only missing link. She should contact me immediately, please. Any police station,army station, airforce, navy, mobile police, civil defence station will do to contact me. I am dying to marry her NOW, NOW! My Ijaw friends, make una no fall my hand o!


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