Respect For Women Of Valor.

I wish to dedicate this post to all women of valor this day. Especially the Williams Sisters. It takes valor and God’s grace and blessings to behave the way they do. These are people who are world acclaimed celebrities who have refused to allow that to get into their heads to change them. They have remained their natural self and are going about encouraging young girls to grow up with confidence and self-esteem. They were recently in Lagos, one city that has been given all sorts of bad names by enemies of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. They came, did their thing, enjoyed themselves with the young girls they came to inspire and went back to the United States without a scratch. I doff my hat for these noble Afro Americans who go by the acronym “The Williams Sisters.” Some of my Nigerian colleagues even tried tried to make them “accept” that they are Nigerians by origin! They coolly told us that they love Nigeria but are Americans. God bless them wherever they are right now. If you are close to them,please tell them Nigeria and myself in particular love them. Thanks to you in advance for doing this missionary work and God bless you as you do so. The photos below were taken when they came to Lagos, Nigeria a few weeks back.

venus and serena in Lagos Nigeria.

venus-williams-in-lagos-nigeria-495x329    Venus Williams In Lagos, Nigeria


 animated-gifs-disco-10_20120922105600                facebook-page-image1


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