Afro – European Union.

I keep telling people that women are stronger than men and they keep arguing. That is their problem. I am a man and a real one at that. I have seen enough situations in life that made me to take the position I have decided to take. This why I keep wondering where the saying that women are the weaker vessels came from. I know that God said the Man is the head of the family. I believe that too. But people mix that up to think that Man is stronger than Woman. In many cases I have studied so far, the women have been found to be  simply stronger than the men especially in these modern times. Check around you and you will soon agree with me if you are still on the other side of the divide. At home for example, they make the home. If they make the home, then who is the head of the home? Without a home, can there be a community? Without a community, can there be a country? Without a country, can there be a world? I rest my case here.

Below, I present you with a photo of European women affiliated to African Men doing an Igbo Dance in a way that made Igbo women jealous! That is another power of women on parade. These simple things can unite the whole world and get us God’s approval to reside in heaven!

african european women. back to the roots.

These women have African Blood running in their veins and for the good of the whole universe. May the Almighty God bless them and those like them for they shall inherit heaven. These are the kind of people the world need right now.



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