How Hussain Bolt Became A World Champion In Sprints.

There are a lot of stories flying around about how Hussain Bolt became the World Champion in the Sprints Events. Many have talked about Drugs, Ganja, Booze and so on. I do not want to vouch for his cleanliness in those areas in this post. I simply wish to remind people here that the best things in life are actually FREEEEEE!!!!! Sometimes they come in form of challenges! Why do you think the Kenyans, Ugandans dominate the Marathon? They are used to chasing Rabbits until the Rabbits give up and just surrender their lives for the survival of the man or woman chasing them! Those critics cannot even chase a fart! Now before I digress, Let’s see how Hussain Bolt practices for his races.

how bolt became world champion.

I dare all those who have competing with Hussain Bolt for this title to try this sort of training session! I bet you their legs will never remain the same thereafter!



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