Sausage Saga.

You woke up quite early enough and as a responsible mother, got into your kitchen and prepared breakfast for yourself and kids in good time for your exit to your various places of engagement for the day. You later went on to wake everyone else up, washed yourselves, got ready to leave the house and return to the kitchen to get your breakfast  and what greets your bewildered eyes?

What would you have done if confronted with such a situation?


2 thoughts on “Sausage Saga.

  1. Hi, We have been to your website a few instances. I got word about it through my darling. I made up my mind to publish a comment. My partner and I love humor; so We contemplated enjoying a new joke with you and also your site visitors. Boy: Do you like parties? Girl: Yes, why? Boy: Well then jump in my pants and have a ball!

    • Beautiful. Thanks for your comment plus joke. A similar one goes thus: At a dance session, a boy asks a girl for a dance. The girl replied, “Do you snore at night?” Boy replies “No.” Girl: “Okay, then. Let’s dance.”

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