The Nigerian Police In Focus.

Remember those friends of ours? Here is a story about them that happened recently. In most cases, they behave tough as in the photo below. But deep down, they are exactly as the story underneath the photo shows you. Enjoy your selves friends. This is a true life story and not cooked up, please. Here we go.

Friends, the Nigerian police have been seriously upgraded! I never knew this until a recent incidence took place.

A friend noticed that there was some unusual noise in the neighborhood late at night and with time realized that a neighbor of his was been attacked by armed robbers. As a responsible Nigerian, he decided to call the police immediately.

To his surprise, the call was picked up by a computer and not a human as usual. The following conversation ensued between man and police computer.

Computer: Welcome to Nigeria Police Emergency Center. How may we help you today?

For English Language, press 1.  For Igbo Language, press 2.  For Yoruba Language press 3.

The man pressed 1.

Then another voice came up….

For car accident, press 1.  For armed robbery, press 2.  For Boko Haram cases, please hang up. (Boko Haram is an Islamist Terrorist group that has been attacking government agencies, churches, mosques, schools and other public institutions for sometime now in Northern Nigera)

The man pressed 2.

Another voice came up….

If the armed robbers are with knives press 1. If they are with pistols press 2. If they are with AK 47, press 3. If they are using machine guns press 4. If they have bomb with them, press 5. If they happen to have all of the above, press 6.

Then man checked and saw they were with all of the above and duly pressed 6.

Then a human voice came up and said….

“My brother, if your brother was to be the policeman on duty now, would you have advised him to response to this type of distress call at this Ungodly hour? Is that how much you hate the Nigerian Police? Why not be a good neighbor and wake up the other ones to welcome the armed robbers in a matured manner instead of risking being killed?”


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