Jose Mourinho @ Manchester City vs Real Madrid Match

If you ever mistakenly thought that the life of a top team’s coach is easy, you need to think again, my friend. Why do you think Sir Alex Ferguson chews 1,000 chewing gums (I counted them myself) during a 90 minute match? What makes a Mourinho start doing acrobatics on the field of play sometimes? Take a look at the photo below and see if coaching is something you can joke with. This happened only yesterday.

Luckily for you friends, I had a secret microphone attached to his collars and so could easily hear all that he was saying. Yeah, I know you are already interested. This is what the guy was saying (translated into English Language, of course!): Hey, Ronaldo, shoot, shoot, ahh, okay, okay give it to Benzema, give the f***ing ball to Benzema, you selfish f**l! Ok now, Benzema, shoot! shoot! Hey, gooooaaaaalll! Thank God, these boys will not give hypertension one day, ehn? You teach them everyday and yet they sometimes play like a******s!


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