Hi Friends

Hi Friends,

I wish to welcome you all to this blog. This is a blog dedicated to curing all forms of stress and heart-aches through the medicinal medium of laughter. This blog is not recommended for the following groups of people:

1. Those people who are addicted to sadness and cannot live without it.

2. People whose ribs are not in a healthy condition enough to absorb some heavy laughter activities.

3. People who are born without brains.

4. People who do not see anything positive in life and have no wish to be delivered from the legion of demons surrounding them.

If you happen to belong to any of the categories listed above or plan to join them, please click away from this blog so as to avoid what we call “Accidental Deliverance.”

Secondly and very importantly, I wish to apologize to my visitors who used to visit my blog at http://cumedyhut.csjvom.com for the absence of that blog for some days now. The reason for this anomaly is that my former webhost has gone bananas (and even oranges). He is undertaking treatment at a Psychiatric Hospital in a discreet location somewhere in Africa.

I have decided to move the blog to WordPress so as to avoid such hiccups in future and also to avoid being infected by the other Webhost’s Medullano-Epuntastic Virological Apuntismal disease. Whatever all that means.

In summary, I welcome you all to this magnificent HOUSE OF CUMEDY.



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